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Welcome into…The In/Between, NuRoots’ first annual city-wide Sukkot festival. Over two nights, encompassing our vast geography of L.A., and featuring a breadth of culinary feasts, performances, meditations, arts experiences, The In/Between celebrates the unique rituals and joyful energy of Sukkot in ways that are accessible, unique, and relevant.  

We invite you to enter into…The In/Between: to see shadows that exist between the real and imagined; to soak up the space of the sukkah and view the stars through the gaps in its roof; and to experience a fragile state between permanence and total impermanence.

Our hope is that you walk away from these gatherings feeling a genuine connection with Sukkot and its potential for joy, transformation, and community connection. 


In Our Backyard: What’s Really At Stake?

Now that you’re familiar with the Sukkot story, let’s bring it to the streets of LA. As Angelenos we are aware of the many community members experiencing houselessness, or who must live in temporary housing all year round, or unable to procure a permanent home of their own. Helping our community emerge from poverty toward self-sufficiency goes beyond shelter - we are also thinking about job, hunger, and income scarcity. Want to hear about it straight from the source? Join us for an intimate dinner conversation on how local change-makers are tackling housing challenges facing our city.

In this moment of fragility and impermanence, we encourage you to ask:

How are you holding yourself and your community accountable? Check out our resources to harvest conversations and action.





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