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NuRoots’ fourth annual Collective Escape is a reimagined citywide Passover festival. We’ve put together a diverse variety of offerings aimed to celebrate the holiday in a way that’s accessible, unique, and relevant. Our hope is that you walk away from these gatherings feeling a genuine connection with the Passover story.

This year, we’re reflecting on how to Thrive in Uncertainty.

Today, we may live with the comfort of what we’ve always known. Tomorrow, we’re immediately challenged with the panic of the unfamiliar and often pressured to act in haste.

What do we need to thrive through the unknown? What do we carry with us in the face of adversity?

Community. Convictions. Hope. Wonder.

Retelling the Exodus story and remembering how our ancestors’ felt facing their uncertain future can help us tap into that resiliency in our own times of uncertainty. We invite you to escape with us to consider that uncertain moments do not mean an untethered self.

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Shabbat x seder la

Host a Seder with NuRoots x OneTable

Welcome Home

A TranspLAnt Seder


Red Sea Reflection

A Wake-Up Call to Gratitude

The New Narrow Place

A DIY Seder

The one with the 90s Seder

A Throwback for Young Couples

Permission to enter

Passover Rewind



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if the passover story is new to you, or in case you need a little refresher,

check it out:

Circa 1300 BCE in Egypt, the Israelites and the Egyptians were living in coexistence. Most cool! But then, a tyrant-like Pharaoh came to power and he started to see the increasing Israelite population as a threat. Giving into his fear and xenophobia, Pharaoh decided to enslave the Israelites and kill their firstborn sons. One mother said “no f*$%ing way!” and sent her baby boy down the Nile river in some sort of raft. Luckily, the floating baby was saved by the Pharaoh’s daughter, who named him Moses, and made him part of the royal family.  Moses eventually learned his true identity and decided it was his duty to save his people, the Israelites, from Pharaoh's oppressive forces. Sidenote: God spoke to him and told him it was time to step up. With God as his super helpful guide (remember those 10 plagues? The supernatural parting of the Red Sea?), Moses eventually led the Jews out of Egypt, through the Sinai desert to safety…except that last part took a whole 40 years – and we don’t have time for all those stories and holidays right now. But we MADE it out of Egypt. And that’s what counts.







Looking for the Perfect Passover Playlist?

We got it right here! From classic anthems to modern-day hits, our curated Collective Escape mixtape touches on quintessential themes like freedom, exodus, and the plagues.



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